Friday, July 31, 2009

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens Review

Meet Zoë. She’s a teenager, but not one that has a typical teenage life. She has a younger brother, Luke, who engulfs himself in pot. Her younger sister, Abria, was diagnosed with Autism and her parents spend 100 percent of their time trying to deal with her disability. So Zoë escapes the only way she knows how, by partying and drinking. It isn’t until one day, Abria happens to run away and Zoë goes out to try to find her that she meets Mathias. Hot. Funny. Did I mention hot? So she does what any girl would do, she fell in love with him. Thou there is a problem, Mathias happens to be a guardian angel, Abria’s guardian angel at that. After Zoë is convinced he really is a guardian angel, they both journey through a love that is pure and amazing. But heaven and earth can’t always last forever.

I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this book a couple of months ago and was literately amazed by it. I can’t say that about many books, but this one did. This book was filled with so much emotions and conflict. Like with Zoë, she loves her sister with all of her heart, but when things get crazy or hectic she wishes that she were a “normal” little girl. Those emotions are real. People in real life have those exact emotions. Another thing I loved about the book was the characters! My favorite had to be Zoë’s character. She struggles with her sister’s disability and her brother’s addiction, but as the novel progresses so does she. The family’s unity was also something I greatly admired. I hear about families splitting apart from hardships and so on but this girl’s family unites even closer because of these situations. I feel anyone who reads this book will feel the importance of forgiveness, family unity and just a sense that there is something bigger than all of us somewhere out there. I give this book, 4 out of 5 paws. It’s definitely on my list of top books that I’ve read this year!

Ok so I recently won another copy of this wonderful book like two weeks ago and I want to give it away to a lucky person! I will be posting the giveaway information tomorrow so keep a look out!

Comment Question of the blog: Have you ever read anything about an angel that you really liked? Any books you guys want to recommend feel free to let me know!

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Glass House by Rachel Caine Review

Claire Danvers is 16 with a full plate in front of her. She’s not your typical 16 year old, worrying about boys, prom and high school. She’s a freshman in college dealing with psychotic dorm mates, not to mention she feels as if one of them is personally wanting to kill her. After she has grown tired of the dorm situation, she ventures out to find another place to crash. She moves into a new home, on the other side of town, with three different people, Michael, Shane and Eve. Suddenly, the town’s biggest secret starts leaking throughout town.

I began reading this series after my post-twilight book hunger. I was in desperate need to find good vampire books that were aimed more Y.A. than any of the more adult books. This book was actually pretty entertaining. The characters were fun, the town was very big and the vampires are “creepy”! My favorite character had to be Michael. He just surprised me overall. First of all, he plays the guitar, which just melts my heart and then of coarse he’s kind of like the father figure, always looking out for Shane. This book isn’t one of those typical vampires = love story. Well it sort of is but it’s mostly action packed. So readers will get a sense of refreshment from this book. Claire is also one of my favorite characters; she is extremely smart for a sixteen year old. Well she has the book smarts but not the street smarts. Eve is the punk rocker. She’s the sarcastic one out of the four. Then there has to be the love interest right? That’s where Shane comes in. Shane is hot, he’s a bad boy and he has a mysterious past. The characters are all very real and unique. The strange events that take place are very well written and brainstormed and it leaves us with a huge cliff hanger at the end. All in all this is a great book. If you’re looking to keep your vamp hunger on the edge than you should total get this book. I give this book 3.5 out of 5 paws.

Comment Question of the Blog: What's your favorite vamp book? Why?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Fan Fiction & Free Writing Wednesday

So I don’t know about you but I love to read stuff from aspiring authors. Fan sites like Quizilla, Fictionpress and Miba allow users to create short stories or long stories. Stories about love, teenagers, vampires, anything supernatural, arranged marriages, pretty much everything you can think of. I have a couple of young authors I have been following for the last 6 months or so and I would love for you guys to check out some of their stuff!

One of my favorite stories on Quizilla is from young author:

If you’re into reading things about trying to make the most desired guy fall in love with the totally normal chick than it’s not this story. Although it may seem like it, it’s not; it’s so much more than that! I’ve read a lot of stories that are totally cliché but this one is not your average one! Meet Spencer. She’s a total tomboy and has fallen for none other than Forest Take, the most desired guy at her high school. He’s gone out with a lot of the most desired girls from school, including Amy, Spencer’s sister. When Forest ruins her chances with her boyfriend by having dared him to kiss Amy, she decides to take make him fall in love with her. Will she succeed or will she just be another one of his pawns?

The story is called
The Devil Wears Playboy Boxers and you should definitely check it out!

Another one of my favorite Quizilla authors has to be

If you like action and the bad boy than this is definitely the story for you. Meet Annette Skylar Stepovitch, she’s an excellent student, only child and works part time at a Dog Wash. Her life is just normal and nothing exciting ever happens. It isn’t until she meets Romeo Kingston, the hot bad boy who turns out to be an underground fighter. They are from totally different worlds, but will it amount to be true love?

This story is called
Nice Job Falling in Love with Me Mr. Delinquent so check it out!

Ok so most of my favorite authors come from Quizilla. This next one is

I’ve actually never read anything like this story. It’s about a character named Elena Isabel Romano. Her family recently moved to the suburbs in Cali from East L.A. There she meets her neighbor Liam Powers, the jock and man whore of the school she is going to be attending. Liam and his friends bet that he could sleep with both of the Romano sister’s by the end of the semester. He goes after her sister Carmen and gets her easily, but when it comes to Elena, she just blows him off. Will she give into Liam or will she continue to blow him off? That is indeed the question.

Welcome to the Suburbs to find out.

The next story comes from a user named

This is one of those stories that I just absolutely love to read. It has it all, the hot guys, and school, best friends. Ok, so meet Avery Felton. She is normal girl going to Chancellor, with her best friends Kiera and Natasha. She goes home one day and her mother announces she is getting married and that her fiancé and his son were going to move into her house. Then there’s Landon, her soon to become step-brother, who goes to their rivalry school Aylward. When Avery ends up in a fight at school, all the boys seem to want her. With a new step-brother in the house, her best friend ditching her, and a new kind of love interest, will it be too much for her to handle?

To find out more about this story make sure to check out:
My Step-Brother is a total ass, but he's a hot piece of ass

Last but not least this one has to be one of my favorites. It’s from a user named brezzybrez.

Meet Elizabeth. She’s a vampire and must now choose between following her heart and loving a human, or mating with her own kind (another vampire). What will she choose in the end? This story is beautifully written! My favorite character has to be Adam, he’s so insistent from the beginning. I love how the story just floats! Definitely a must read!

This story is called
Addicting Poison and just like the title says, it’s super addictive!

Ok so there you have it folks! So tell me in the comments if you’ve read any of these stories above, and if you have what did you like about them? Do you write fan fiction of your own? Do you like reading Fan fiction or any other kind of writing? Also, any authors you would like to praise and have me feature them in Fan Friction and Free Writing Wednesday? Post a link and I’ll make sure to check them out!

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P.S. 1st contest is going to be up on Sat so watch out!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Contest Tuesday's

So I know everyone loves to enter to win new books right? Well I know a few bloggers that are giving away some whether they be ARC's or New Releases. Well to kick off Contest Tuesday's I'm going to tell you about a few giveaways I just found out about!

Melissa Francis over at The Fictionistas blog is giving away a copy of her book Bite Me and a $25 gift card to amazon =) so go on over to her site:
and enter for a chance to win!

Another one would be Catching Fire ARC from BookWorming in the 21st Century blog! So go here:

Ending tonight is a contest hosted by Sweeps4Bloggers. The book is called The lace makers of Glenmara and can be found at: don't forget to enter!

Sweeps4Bloggers is also holding another giveaway (She always has a whole bunch of awesome giveaways). This one is for The Impostor's Daughter by Laurie Sandell Ends 7/29/09. Here's a link:

J. Kaye's Book blog is giving away an ARC of The Lost Hours by Karen White! So check it out here: !

On another note make sure to keep a close eye on the blog! There will be a contest here in the next few days!

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Swoon by Nina Malkin Review

Candice (Dice) Moskow is forced to leave New York City and venture out in the quiet, not to mention boring, town of Swoon, Connecticut. Nothing exciting ever and I mean ever happens. It isn't until her cousin Penelope (Pen) falls (almost to her death) out of a tree and in comes the soul of Sinclair Youngblood Powers. He had been patiently waiting for someone to bring him back to begin his revenge against the people of Swoon for centuries. Dice is instantly drawn to this boy, but she doesn't quite agree with his actions toward the townsfolk. She ends up convincing Pen that she needs an exorsism to get rid of Sinclair, but instead of getting rid of him permanetly, she brings him back to life in the flesh. Dice understands she needs to stop him from harming any more people of Swoon, but when you're in love with the very thing that is causing destruction, will her emotions get the best of her?

Ok so I honestly tried to like this book, I really did. I loved the idea of a ghost getting revenge and having a certain girl stop him, but as I continued to read, it just didn't deliver. It was sort of like a romance book, without any evidence to support their "love". You can clearly see her trying to open it up but it just wasn't working for it. I do have to give her props for the nicknames though. When Sinclair announced he wanted to be called Sin, the hair on the back of my neck stood up and I got goose bumps. I saw what she was trying to do with his character but it just wasn't working for it. It had too much sex, drugs, malice. Really the only sin that was embodice was that. There were other's that she could have explored but just didn't. It's a little mature so if you're young and get offended really easliy by topics, such as but not limited to, sex, drug abuse and homosexuality then it's not a book for you. I give this book 2 out of 5 paws at the most.

So tell me readers, if you've read this book, did you like it? Hate it? Or if you haven't read it, what do you think?

Comment Question of the review: What's your favorite sin out of all of them? Whether it is to read about them or see them in movies.

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Prom Nights from Hell Review

Think back on those days leading up to the school prom. Whether you were worried about getting your nails done, getting a last minute date, or even getting your dress and accesories together; you still had it far easier than any of the following characters in these short stories brought to you by five diffrent authors (Cabot, Myracle, Harrison, Jaffe and Meyer). They team up to bring you the prom night experience gone horribly wrong.

If your a big vamp fan girl check out "The Exterminators Daughter" by Meg Cabot (Princess Diaries). Mary is just your typical high school kid, with a twist. She hunts the supernatural. When her best friend, Lila, gushes about this new guy she met. Mary decides to investigate and finds out he's a vampire. Lila has no problem with this knowledge, and even wants to be turned into one herself deciding prom night was the night that she would get the courage to ask him to do it. Will this ruin Mary's plans or could it be a match made in Heaven? or should I say Hell?

Lauren Myracle (Bliss) creates a twist to the classic short story "The Monkey's Paw" by W.W. Jacobs. "The Corsage" is a story featuring three best friends, Frankie, Will and Yun Sun. They get bored one night and decide to visit a psychic, which is where frankie gets this freaky corsage that grants her three diffrent wishes. The Juicy Couture psychic forewarns only destruction but gives it to her anyway. With her first wish, she wishes that Will would ask her to the prom. But as they say, you should be careful what you wish for.

There are two types of Grim Reapers? No way! In "Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper" by Kim Harrison (Once Dead, Twice Shy), Madison is the new kid in town after being sent to her fathers home by her mother. Her father lands her a date to the school's prom and she couldn't feel worse about it. She didn't want to be there and didn't have a problem expressing it. It wasn't until Josh, her date, embarasses her by calling her a lame date that she decides to get revenge. But her simple revenge turns out to be more than she bargained for.

Michelle Jaffe (Bad Kitty) brings us "Kiss and Tell". A short story about a girl named Miranda, who has a job as a driver. She has supernatural hearing and can even hear the heartbeat of anything with a pulse. It isn't until one day; when she picks up a girl named Sibby that things get out of control. As they say, curiosity killed the cat, and she makes it her mission to keep Sibby, the fourteen year old smart mouth, safe from any potential danger. Between trying to hook up with Will, keeping Sibby safe, she is torn between the people who she could truly trust.

"Hell on Earth" by Stephanie Meyer (Twilight) features a girl named Sheba, a 186 year old demon in desguise. She sends the perfectly peaceful, fun prom into complete chaos but will her older sister encourage it or will she drown in her own dismay.

About a month ago, I finished reading another book set of short stories called "Love is Hell". So it got me thinking that I should really pick up a copy of something similar to it because I fell in love it. When I finished most of these stories, I couldn't help but wonder how much longer until the book ended. I guess it's because the stories turned out to be too short and didn't explain themselves very well, or it could be that the writing style was a little bit diffrent than I prefer. Not all of the stories were terrible. I really did enjoy "The Corsage" and honestly I don't think i'm going to be able to sleep tonight because i'm so freaked! I mean it's 2:30 in the morning and i'm writing this review because i'm afraid to fall asleep just because of a short story! The other story I really enjoyed reading was "Madison Avery and the Dim Reaper". I've never really read anything that had the great Reaper in it and just the fact that it explored the possibility of having good and bad reapers was beyond amazing! Your prom night might not have been as eventful as some of these but it's all in good fun. Overall I gave the book 3 out of 5 paws.

In the comment section below, leave a comment about your prom experience. Did you freak out about not doing you nails right, or that the weather man said it was going to hail? Also, have you ever read short stories and discovered any authors that way?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Evermore by Alyson Noel Review

So I just recently began hearing about how good Evermore was and that I should give it a try. I mean sure, why not? I've read just about any other book, so why not try and read something like Evermore especially if it sounds interesting right? Ok so this book is about Ever, this girl who can read minds and know what you feel and think just by simple contact, also by reading your Aura color. So anyway, her "powers" all started after this accident that killed her parents, younger sister, and her dog and for a moment, herself. She kind of lingered behind a little and lost her family in the process but something brought her back to life. Her aunt decides to take her in so they move down to California, where she meets two outcast Miles and Haven. She starts dressing differently, causing her to be an outcast, than she did at her old school, partly because she feels responsible for the accident. Her younger sister started visiting her while she was in the hospital and begins to visit almost daily. She is the only one that can calm Ever's thoughts from all of the chaos and destruction caused by her psychic powers. It isn't until she meets Damen. Hot, dark, mysterious Damen, that kind of throws things off of track. He is the only other person that can silence Ever's mind from all of the chaotic destruction it is now left in. Between worrying about her best friend Haven ditching her for a new queen bee, her dead sister's daily visits, and the hot mysterious Damen, she realizes that not everything is what it seems.

My thoughts upon picking up this book was, oh my, it's going to be another one of those vampire or fantasy books. As soon as I started reading though, I completely changed my mind. Ok so anyway, I tried not to give too much of the book away. Honestly I can't really say specifically why I couldn't put this book down. It could have been the description or just the suspense over wondering if it was true love between Damen and Ever. Or, what was up with him in the first place. I love the fact that you can connect to the characters relationships like one another. For example, Ever and her younger sister's relationship are just like any typical family relationship. They fight, argue but in the end they always seem to love and care about each other's well being. I have to give this book 4 out of 5 paws for its creativeness and the ending, it made me want to know more! Guess I’ll be stopping by Borders or B&N sometime this week to pick up Blue Moon!

In the comment section leave me a comment on what you loved about the book. Or if you haven't read the book, tell me if you want to read it and why. Toddles

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