Friday, July 31, 2009

Glass House by Rachel Caine Review

Claire Danvers is 16 with a full plate in front of her. She’s not your typical 16 year old, worrying about boys, prom and high school. She’s a freshman in college dealing with psychotic dorm mates, not to mention she feels as if one of them is personally wanting to kill her. After she has grown tired of the dorm situation, she ventures out to find another place to crash. She moves into a new home, on the other side of town, with three different people, Michael, Shane and Eve. Suddenly, the town’s biggest secret starts leaking throughout town.

I began reading this series after my post-twilight book hunger. I was in desperate need to find good vampire books that were aimed more Y.A. than any of the more adult books. This book was actually pretty entertaining. The characters were fun, the town was very big and the vampires are “creepy”! My favorite character had to be Michael. He just surprised me overall. First of all, he plays the guitar, which just melts my heart and then of coarse he’s kind of like the father figure, always looking out for Shane. This book isn’t one of those typical vampires = love story. Well it sort of is but it’s mostly action packed. So readers will get a sense of refreshment from this book. Claire is also one of my favorite characters; she is extremely smart for a sixteen year old. Well she has the book smarts but not the street smarts. Eve is the punk rocker. She’s the sarcastic one out of the four. Then there has to be the love interest right? That’s where Shane comes in. Shane is hot, he’s a bad boy and he has a mysterious past. The characters are all very real and unique. The strange events that take place are very well written and brainstormed and it leaves us with a huge cliff hanger at the end. All in all this is a great book. If you’re looking to keep your vamp hunger on the edge than you should total get this book. I give this book 3.5 out of 5 paws.

Comment Question of the Blog: What's your favorite vamp book? Why?

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  1. I have this book waiting to be read in my room. I really enjoyed your review Leslie.

    As for your question: I'm afraid I can't answer it lol. Favorite questions are a big no no for me. They stress me out... I know I'm weird. I just have trouble deciding. But I have no problem with saying if I like a book or not if you name one.

    Well, that was one big rant, lol ignore me =)

  2. Keep reading, the series gets better as it goes. But I'll warn you, Rachel Caine loves the cliffhanger.

    As for my favorite vampire book, yikes. My favorite at the moment is Vampire Academy, but that's probably because I'm impatiently waiting for "Blood Promise" at the end of the month.

  3. I recently read and reviewed this book and gave it a 3. I'm glad you thought similarly of it! I did enjoy it, but it wasn't anything astounding. I have to agree with the comment above this one though. The series gets better as you go, and Rachel Caine DOES love the cliffhangars! You might want to have the sequels on hand. Thanks for the reveiw!

    Natalie @ Mindful Musings