Saturday, August 1, 2009

Heavenly Book Giveaway!

My last blog was a Review from Jennifer Laurens new book, Heavenly, hitting shelves August 15th. In light of this contest, I happen to obtain one copy of it that I will be giving away to a lovely reader. This contest begins August 1st and ends at midnight on August 12th, announcing the winner on the 13th. There are multiple ways to win! So go ahead and look at what you need to do!

Giveaway Rules:

•Must be at least 13 years old or older.

•US residents only

• Winners will be notified by email so make sure you let me know where I can email you.

• If the winner does not return my email in 48 hrs, then a new winner will be announced.

Multiple Entries for the Giveaway:

• Post about a giveaway on your blog and include the link with your comment and you’ll be entered again. (+1)

• Comment on any of my other blog posts (+1) for each comment. If you’re a reader you’ll find a new question at the end of every blog ;)

• Are you a Blogger Follower of this blog? (Click
here if you aren’t sure what that is.) If you are, mention this in the comment section. If you were before this contest (+2) if not (+1).

• Subscribed by email? (+1)

• Following me on
Twitter? Make sure you let me know what your @username is. +1

• If you post about this on Twitter, be sure to say so in the comment section. RT: with @leslielv08 (+1) Everyday you post this on twitter it will be an additional entry and make sure you leave a link to the post. Something like: RT: @leslielv08 win a copy of jennifer laurens book, Heavenly giveaway go to

• Are you a fan of
Book Woman? Be a fan (+1) if you were a fan before this contest (+2)

• Add me to your goodreads friend that’s another entry. (+1)

Let me know everything you did in a comment below =)

Make sure and get the word out! This contest, like I said, will end on August 12th unless I have 25 post's then the contest will continue! Name will be drawn from

Good Luck!

That Chick That Reads!


  1. +1 I posted a link on my blog giveaway section. (
    +1 I commented on your Evermore entry.
    +1 I became a follower.
    +1 I added you on GR.

    my email is april(.)j(.)

  2. Hiya! I'm a new follower on here and on Twitter (@BrookeReviews). Found you through Bookworming in the 21st Century ;) bacarleton(at)gmail(dot)com

  3. I added a link to your contest on my sidebar (+1)

    I became a follower (+1)

    I commented on some of your reviews (+1)

    Awesome contest! (:

  4. Well I'm canadian so I can't enter the contest but I wanted to wish you good luck with your new blog!

  5. Great contest. I posted a link in my sidebar and I am a new follower. Also, I am now your friend on goodreads.

  6. Please enter me!

    +1 I am a follower
    +1 A follower on twitter @trishalynn0708


  7. I forgot to enter haha! Dummy me. :)

    • No clue what I've commented on! lol

    +2 Already a blogger follower!

    +1 following you on twitter! (bookgoil)

    +1 Tweeted!

    +1 Became a fan of bookwoman! (Kristen Nielsen

    +1 Added you to goodreads friends (Kristen N.)

    Here's my email!

    I hope you get 25 entries soon!

  8. +1 I would like to get my hands on this new book.
    +1 left a comment at Blood Promise Review.
    +1 I signed up to subscribe.
    +1 fan of Book Woman
    I don't have a blog for more points.

  9. I'd love to win!
    +1 following blog
    +1 following on twitter (reader_meg)
    +1 I just added you as a friend on goodreads. I'm Meghan.
    +1 tweeted about the contest:

    Thank you!

  10. •Posted on sidebar(+1)

    • Comment on any of my other blog posts (+1)

    • Follower(+1).

    • Follower of Twitter. @iheartbkgossip +1

    • Tweeted.

    • Are you a fan of Book Woman? Be a fan (+1)

    • Add me to your goodreads friend that’s another entry. (+1)

    cindyc725 at gmail dot com

  11. +2 I already am a follower
    +1 I subscribed by e-mail
    +1 I already follow you on twitter @lafemmereaders
    +1 You're already a friend on

    Thanks! Cute contest!

  12. +1 new follower
    +1 follow you now in twitter butterflyywings