Thursday, August 20, 2009

Order of Post Each Week.. Lemme know what you think

Ok so I have to get this blog organized because if not i'm going to totally feel out of control lol I'm a tad bit OCD so everything has to go as planned if not then ah I do not even want to go there. lol. Anyway this is what i think my outline for my blog is going to be.

Sunday- In My Mailbox
Mondays- What are you Reading?
Tuesday- Teaser Tuesday.
Wednesday- Waiting on Wednesday
Thursday- Booking thru Thursday
Friday- Friday Finds

& last but not least I have Sat which I have no idea what i'm going to call this yet.. anyway i've seen on a lot of blogs that they usually get guest bloggers to answer questions and stuff to put their blog out there so I thought i'd give this a try as well. My questions are going to be a tad bit fun.. here are some examples:

1. When you’re at the movie theater, which arm rest is yours? Defend.
2. If you could trade places with any character in a book, which one would it be and why?
3. What’s the strangest book you’ve ever read? Why?
4. Why did you decide to start a blog?
5. If you’re not blogging, what are you doing?
6. Favorite band or singer?
7. Why did the chicken cross the road?

Of coarse i'm going to include the regular questions about what the blog is about and stuff so don't worry haha I just think it should be fun. Anyway if you guys are interested in being featured in my blog sat then email to leslie-lv at hotmail dot com with the title Sat spotlight and i'll send you the full list of questions! lemme know what you guys think in the section below

as always

that chick that reads


  1. It's nice to have a schedule :) I try to stick to one, but then I find myself posting like 3 times a day. lol I love those questions, especially the armrest one!

  2. Having a plan is a great idea. I had to do that with mine as well since things were getting a little out of control. Hope your schedule works for you.

  3. I like it! It's a good way of being organized. :-)

  4. Organinzing and planning thinga are a great idea. My blog def needs a bit of Fall cleaning. Nice idea with the questions. Good luck :)