Thursday, September 24, 2009

Author Guest Post: Malena Lott

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Statistics show people aren't as social as we used to be. Way back when, they even called them "socials." Today, we're so busy with our lives that we somewhat feel social, running off our to-do list throughout the day, and interacting with a lot of people, but are we having any fun? Do we get joy from these interactions or do they feel mechanical, with slapped on grins and talk of nothing deeper than the weather?

I think it's time we hit the pause button on our lives, do a little housecleaning of our social calendar and schedule more meaningful interactions. That's right. I'm talking about Girls Night Out, but not the kind where you get dressed up in little black dresses and hit the bars and act a fool. (Though that's fun sometimes, too.) I'm talking about a Girls Night Out where you can talk of something other than the weather, deeper discussion brought on by great works of literature - whether it's literary or popular fiction or swoony romance. Anything goes, as long as it's in book form! The point is - reading makes us smarter, more empathetic people, and our girlfriends bring real smiles to our faces. Fact is, we just push those "good for us" things so far down on our to-do list that we forget that those things bring us ultimate health and happiness.

I started Book End Babes, where women support our girlfriends and great reads - to get us back to being social again. With more than fifty members now and eight chapters, we're bonding over books and bruschetta and bubbly prizes. It's real-life book parties with fun online resources. I hope you'll consider starting a chapter of Book End Babes where you live and help us create a reading revolution. Real babes read books, so I hope you'll join me to party between the pages, both online and off.

Malena Lott is a mother of three kiddos, author of two novels and wife of one great guy in Oklahoma. Find out more about joining the club at and more about the founder at On Twitter? So are we! and

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