Monday, September 14, 2009

Bloodroot by Bill Loehfelm Review + Vlog

Kevin Curran wants to unite his family, but he’s ready to give up on his younger brother, Danny— three years lost to heroin addiction and hard, desperate living on the streets of New York. When Danny shows up on Kevin’s Staten Island doorstep, looking clean, fit, and prosperous, Kevin can’t help but be overjoyed that his brother has escaped his past life. But at what price? Not even Kevin’s worst nightmares could have prepared him for the horrors he’ll discover about his brother’s dark history.

After a brief reunion, Danny offers Kevin a role in an underworld plot revolving around the Bloodroot Children’s Hospital, an abandoned juvenile asylum with a nefarious past. Hoping to rescue Danny from his criminal life after years ago failing to save him from his addiction, Kevin accepts.

While Danny’s plan unfolds, Kevin is drawn into a world of murder, Mafia hit men and dangerous espionage. The halls of Bloodroot reveal one horrifying secret after another: about the building’s history, about Danny’s life of addiction and crime, and about the true roots of the Curran family. At the end of the maze of monsters, the brothers make a discovery so horrific it may force them to destroy each other

My thoughts:

Okie so lately I’d been reading thrillers and mysteries but this one is by far my favorite, it has all of the elements a good thriller needs to have. A good storyline, unforgettable characters, and last but not least some romance. The storyline was very interesting, throughout the entire novel, I could see why certain things were written a specific way. I also enjoyed a quote Danny said while speaking to his brother Kevin on page 66, “He murders because he’s afraid of the future, of worlds and people he’ll never understand and never be a part of. We call them terrorist because they cause terror but it oughta be because that’s all they feel”. That quote literally game me chills, because I feel the same way concerning terrorist. Moving on to characters, we have Kevin, the “scardy cat” a teacher who lost the fun of it all and lives a boring life, Danny, the ex drug user who comes back clean and sober without much explanation, and last but not least Kelsey, the strong female character who gets Kevin out of his shell. The characters were totally unforgettable. My favorite was definitely Danny. He was a tough kid who’s determined to turn his life back around regardless of the consequences. Ah now it gets good, the love. Okie I’m a sucker for some good loving in a book, I was rooting for those two since day one. The romance didn’t interfere with the main point of the book, which I found so refreshing. It didn’t consume every page but there was enough in there that made me very happy. Bill is also the author of Fresh Kills, which I noticed was mentioned briefly in this novel. I can not wait to read the Fresh Kills! Overall I give this novel 4.5 out of 5 paws!

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P.S. below is my first Vlog Review. Don’t make fun of me ha-ha I was extremely nervous and yeah.