Friday, September 4, 2009

Boys Like Girls Drive Me INSANE (the good kind)!

Okie so for all of those who follow me on Twitter, you guys totally know I'm in love with Boys Like Girls =) Well a handfull of us from each city got a chance to participate in something called Boys Like Girls Street Team. I got my confirmation email back in June and I've just been so excited! We get posters in the mail to hang up and stuff to promote their album which comes out Tuesday, September 8th! Yay! So like you take pictures of you hanging stuff up or passing out stuff and it earns you points so you can see BLG at a meet and greet and so forth =) which i'm so excited about! Anywho look at what I gots in the Mail:

So i'm totally excited :D yay! Anywho just wanted to let you guys know what I gots today! Do you guys like BLG? If you haven't heard any of their music then go to their MYSPACE page, for a limited time they published the whole Love Drunk album! Checks it out guys and leave me a comment in the comment section below telling me if you hate it or if ya love it!

As always,
That Chick That Reads

P.S. Do you have your own Love Drunk Stories to tell? (ex: "I used to be love drunk but then her insecurities prompted ten phone calls a day and so many texts that my thumbs couldn't handle replying anymore. If i'm with you, I ain't gonna cheat on you. Try giving me some space? I'm a busy boy." -MartinBLG) Then post it HERE!


  1. I love Love Drunk too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Lol.. great blog btw!

  2. BLG kick ass! Your stuff is very cool :)

  3. I love BLG, they're amazing. Love Drunk is great(: