Monday, September 28, 2009

Censor me? I think NOT!

Okie guys so since this is banned book week I wanted to post something everday this week about banned books. Today I bring you my rant. I mean BIG time rant against banning books. Here's the vlog:

Anyway so if you didn't want to watch that 11 min long video totally understand.
Here's my written statement. A couple of months ago I read Maureen Johnson's 13 Little Blue Envelopes and I loved it, and like any other reader; I wanted to know more about who she was and her other works. I came across this youtube video she did about censorship. After I watched, I was sooooo angry! Anyway here's a quick recap about what the video was about: (i'll post links at the end of the post):

Family wants to take vacation. Mother takes daughter to library. Daughter chooses two books at random, which were MJ's book The Bermudez Triangle and one of the Gossip Girl books. They are in the car, mom decided to skim the book. Found portions of sex in the book and decided they were too bad to read. They got back home and the mother and another mother decided to go to the library and complain and said they wanted them to be moved from YA to Adult. The library board reviewed the book and decided not to go forward. They then went on to FOX news. News reporter didn't read the book so it was pretty much from the parents point. They misquoted the book, they only pointed out the bad stuff in the book. So anyway that's what happened in short sentences without getting too technical.

Here's my thing, which i'll get back to in a few sentences, why are they even doing a segment when they haven't even researched or know about the books? Anyway so this post is pretty much inspired by Ellen Hopkins. A couple of my friends on twitter (Kristi & April) RT Ellen's blog tweet which I decided to check out. Anyway so it was about how last week she was supposed to do an appearance at a school in Norman OK for Crank/Glass. Parents started to complain, Glass was pulled from the shelves, okie that's understandable let's have the board review it. No that's not the bad part, what P.O.ed me about this situation was the fact that these parents went on to say that they didn't even want their kids meeting her period. Okie authors don't necessarly have to talk about their own books. They can talk about the writing process, getting published among so many other things. The fact that these parents are too ignorant to let their kids meet this awesome author is beyond me. Anyway, oooh it gets better... This news reporter decides to do a report about this case. He didn't even bother to pick up the book. He misquoted the book, found wait for...... 17 F-words! oh and a little sex? Okie my thing is, like I said before, if you're going to report, do the research. This guy was preaching about banning this book. What right does this guy have when he didn't even bother to check out the book! Seriously dude, sorry to break it to you but kids around here throw the F-word like it's hello. I got to read Crank and I found it very interesting and insightful! I've known people who have been addicted to the stuff and it gives me a glimpse into the life of a girl who suffered from this stuff. It makes me understand an addicts point of view rather than just claiming or thinking "well this kid just got addicted to the stuff, whatever what the h was she thinking?" Her novels are about real people who went through these things. It's amazing and it deserves to be read by our youth to understand the possibilities of going down that road. Anyway...

Ellen wants our help. So here are where the links and emails come in. She wants us to write or vlog about here are her own words from her blog:

So now I’m asking for your help. Over the years, thousands of you have
messaged me, telling me why my books have been important for you. That is why
they belong on bookshelves. What I’m asking is for you to send the same messages
to some people. Please be respectful. If you use bad language, your opinion will
be dismissed by the very people we’re trying to make understand. You don’t have
to sign your name, but if my books have touched you, please send the reasons why

So guys no bad language. We are all trying to get the same results here, and language like that will not let us be heard so... anyway here are the emails and links to the stuff I mentioned above and in the vlog. No comment question of the blog but i'm curious.. If you wrote the email lemme know! =)

1. Maureen's Youtube Video
2. Fox Interview with the 2 Mother's
3. Ellen's Blog
4. Emails:

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  1. Hi :)
    Thank you for the excellent post & vlog.
    I get worked up over banning/censorship too.
    A few desire control over all and we must fight them to keep our freedoms.
    Thanks for sharing,
    All the best,

  2. I love Maureen's book banner reading. It's true they always make it sound dirtier than it really is. Banners always manage to make the innocent things sound bad and never fully read the books they don't want their children to read. I plan on reading before or along with my son when he is old enough to read by himself, not to censor him but so if he has questions I can answer them and understand where he is getting them from. This, to me, is the appropriate why to handle your child's reading, not blindly pulling books from shelves. Ok, this has gotten long.

  3. I have to admit that I am the "fore" reader for several of the kids in my life and while I would never say that a booked should be banned, I do respect parental wishes that the 10-13 year olds do not get exposed to what the 16-18 year olds do, ya know? There should really be some way of "confronting" the parents of these kids & ask why they can't bother to be actual parents or find someone willing to give them a consenus about the book.

  4. well, they did go to fox. ..and who's going to stand up to say they are taking the sensational side without even knowing what they are talking about is just sop (standing operating procedure). i would have been surprised if they had read it, found where they agreed with the school and reported that. If you don't want your child to read a certain book, you review it, and you tell your child why it is not appropriate for them at this age but with help them start a list of when they can read it. at 14, i went to live with my dad. if i ran out of books from school, i would go find one of his. would some people consider them inappropriate, yes. did it warp me, no. did i understand some of the content, no. what did i do, skip it. what about the parts i did understand...i knew the people were adults and i was not. what was appropriate for adults, was not appropriate for me. i also knew that if i had questions, i could discuss it with my dad.