Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Create Your Own Book Cover

This was sooooo much fun! Anyway I saw this on A Lush Budget Production Tales of a Ravenous Reader's blog and fell in love with this! So here's my book cover:

Okie so here's what you guys have to do:

1. Go to “Fake Name Generator”

The name that appears is your author name.

2 – Go to “Random Word Generator”

The word listed under “Random Verb” is your title.

3 – Go to “FlickrCC” or you could go to photobucket or even flickr

Type your title into the search box. The first photo that contains a person is your cover.
4 – Use Photoshop, Picnik, or similar to put it all together. Be sure to crop and/or zoom in.

5 – Post it to your site along with this text.

So anyway if you guys have done this lemme know in the comment section below with a link to your Book Title!

As always,

That Chick That Reads

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