Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Hidden Man by David Ellis Review

Jason Kolarich is a midwestern Everyman with a lineman’s build and an easy smart-ass remark. He’s a young, intelligent maverick, but he’s also struggling with an overwhelming emotional burden—one that threatens to unravel his own life, and possibly the lives of those around him.

Twenty-seven years ago, two-year-old Audrey Cutler disappeared from her home in the middle of the night. She was never found. All the detectives had to go on were vague eyewitness accounts of a man running down the Cutlers’ street, apparently carrying someone. Without enough evidence to suggest otherwise, Griffin Perlini—a neighbor with prior offenses against minors—was arrested, but never convicted.

The case is long closed when Perlini is murdered nearly thirty years later. Now a man named Mr. Smith appears in Jason Kolarich’s office, saying only that he represents a third party who wants the man charged with murder off the hook and that Kolarich is perfect for the job. The new client: Audrey Cutler’s older brother, Sammy—Kolarich’s estranged childhood best friend—a man he hasn’t seen in nearly twenty years.

But when Kolarich starts receiving violent threats from Mr. Smith’s enigmatic employer, he figures out that the secrecy behind this nameless third party—and the key to winning Sammy’s case—is entangled with the mystery of Audrey’s disappearance. With his own life and Sammy’s in the balance, Kolarich has to put aside not only the mounting anxiety of the job but also a heart-wrenching personal tragedy in order to find out what really happened to Audrey all those years ago

My Thoughts:

Okie let me get this out of my system while I still can, WOW!!!! That word alone basically cover’s my review for this book. I had my doubts but as usual, I was wrong. This is a new series by David Ellis staring Jason Kolarich, a broken man who to top it all off is a lawyer. When Audrey, who was abducted twenty seven years ago, vanishes from her home, it left her family and close loved ones very distressed. The person who was presumably her murder was killed by non other than her older brother, Sammy, who also happens to be Jason’s childhood best friend. The book was like riding a rollercoaster, each turn it took was unexpected and honestly left me in pure awe! The characters were phenomenal; you have the jock turned lawyer with the troubled past, the brother who’s life is a little off balance and the oh so mysterious Smith, who’s real name we don’t even know. Throughout the novel I could feel myself connecting to Jason just because of his situation. All throughout high school, he was reffered as the star or the hero, when in reality he felt anything but. This novel is mostly written in Jason’s point of view, with occasional shifts to third person from Smith’s perspective (although it happens very little). Even though it was beyond amazing, it still left me with this big huge unanswered question that I can only hope the sequel with answer. I would display the question but I figure it will be giving away a big chunk of the book. Overall I rate this novel 4 out of 5 paws.

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