Friday, September 25, 2009

Quote it Sat

This is a weekly meme in which you can quote from anything really. Favorite books, people, just anything that you like! Anyway this week's quote is from... That 70's Show!

" Y'know like a train. It's bearing down on you, and guess
what?...It's gonna hit you! So you can either start running when it's far off in
the distance, or you can pull up a chair, crack open a beer...and just watch it
-Eric Forman. That 70's Show

I love this quote because it's sooooo true! You can do either or but life still continues. It's like this quote I read about time, which reminds me I need to put in my journal lol **noted** No matter what, time doesn't stop for anyone or anything. Anyway, what about you guys? Lemme know what your quote is this week in the comment section below...

As always,
That Chick That Reads


  1. I'm tired of running, think I'll pull up a chair!

    here's my quote

  2. I agree with Book Dragon, I'm tired of running, it's sideline time for me. I'm in the process of posting my quote on Find the Time to Read