Thursday, October 15, 2009

Kristin Cashore's Book Signing!

Well i'm a little late lol but I got to go to Krisin's book signing last Friday down in Houston... Well sort of.. I was traveling down from Dallas and I ended up getting there really late, which means after all the good stuff happened lol but Sabri from Crystal Reviews happened to be going so I asked her to get my stuff signed for me just in case I didn't get there in time to meet Kristin. Well I ended up getting there like half an hr late because we got lost but omg I abs adore Kristin! She like waited until we got there and stuff like that! I was so flippen excited! I had not read any of her books when I did meet her but i've seen a lot of talk in the bloggerverse about them and I'm almost done with Graceling and it's by far one of the most awesomest books I have read up to date! Anyway, here are a couple of pictures [some I snagged from Sabri :)]
This one is at the actual signing. She was reading from Fire and i've been told she has the most awesomest reading voice evar! So sad I got to miss it =(. [[picture from Sabri over @ Crystal Reviews]]
Kristin, my bestie Christian and I.
Sabri, Kristin and I.
I had oodles of fun! I got to meet 2 girls from the bloggerverse as well as an awesome and very talented author! Anyway guys, just wanted to share that with ya =)
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  1. I live near Ottawa, Canada. Let's just say not a lot of non-political authors swing by, at least not that I've heard of. Would have LOVED to meet Kristin Cashore!

  2. Avi. I would do quite a lot to meet Avi.

  3. So fun. It would be awesome to meet Kristin Cashore.