Thursday, October 29, 2009

Tall, Dark and Fangsome by Michelle Rowen Review

**Spoilers from the last 4 books up ahead, you have been warned**

Sarah Dearly's positive attitude is waning. Perky and bubbly no longer describe her and frankly being a vampire is the least of her worries. Gideon Chase, leader of all vampire hunters, is being consumed by Hellfire and his only hope is that Sarah will bite him during a ritual under the full moon and turn him into a vampire. To ensure her help he has threatened to kill all the people she loves, inc. Thierry, her master vampire boyfriend and she has no doubt that he can and will do it. He has also demanded she break things off with Thierry and never see him again, which she pretends to do but it isn't easy to protect someone when you're forced to keep your relationship a secret. However Sarah isn't the pushover she used to be - in fact, she was recently cursed to be a nightwalker and when she removes the magical necklace that keeps her hungers in check, she's as dangerous as any blood-thirsty, horror-movie vampire and not just a girl-next-door with fangs. However, her nightwalker self is becoming dangerously attracted to Gideon. Can she cure herself of the curse in time to destroy Gideon and save her true love, so they can live happily together forever?

My Thoughts:

The first time I got to read Michelle’s first book for this series, I was completely and utterly smitten with the way she wrote, her characters and overall everything! I cannot fully explain in depth how in love I am with this series! This is the last book in the immortality bites series, which I was very sad indeed to see it end. This book starts off where it ended in book 4, with Thierry and Sarah broken up, G. Chase still seeking Sarah to sire him, among other things like Sarah’s nightwalker curse. My favorite part of the series overall is just the voice she gives Sarah. You could see her transform from this girl who is just materialistic to one who completely and helplessly tries to see the good in people rather than the bad. Sarah’s character is strong, beautiful and an abs romantic. Her relationship with her friends, family and even Thierry is just what makes her have those qualities about her. Amy, her best friend, is just like someone I knew back in high school. The way she writes the dialogue for every single character is just so different. I can clearly hear each and every characters voice through those words! Thierry, oh Mr. Hot Sexy Fangsome love interest. He’s everything a girl could wish for, strong, secretive and extremely good looking and protective. Their relationship is just pure awesome! I started reading this like Richelle Mead’s Georgina Kincaid’s character from her Succubus series, at five pages a day but I just had to know what was going to happen to everyone! I’m sad to see the series go, but the way Michelle ended it was filled with closure and left me very satisfied. With that being said, I give this book 4.5 out of 5 paws.

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  1. Great review I really like your page....

  2. I got pregnant and was a single mom.... I met this guy that was my only true friend, because all of the other were to busy continuing to live life to take a minute to call and say hey are you feeling okay. Then he told me he loved me..... Now we have been married for five years, and we have another child....

  3. I really like this series. I have read the other books in the series and can't wait to read the this one.

    I haven't met my Mr. Right yet but hopefully someday I will.