Monday, December 21, 2009

600 Hours of Edward by Craig Lancaster Review

Edward Stanton is a man hurtling headlong toward middle age. His mental illness has led him to be sequestered in his small house in a small city, where he keeps his distance from the outside world and the parents from whom he is largely estranged. For the most part, Edward sticks to things he can count on...and things he can count. But over the course of 25 days (or 600 hours, as Edward prefers to look at it) several events puncture the walls Edward has built around himself. In the end, he faces a choice: Open his life to experience and deal with the joys and heartaches that come with it, or remain behind his closed door, a solitary soul.

My Thoughts:

If I could sum up this novel in one word, I’d have to say it’s Breathtaking! This novel goes into a very excellent perspective into a life of someone who has Aspergers Syndrome as well as OCD. Edward is such a smart, strong character! There were a lot of laughs out loud moments, times where I shredded tears and moments where I questioned how just a simple word or just how you manage to say something could truly affect those around you. The thing I enjoyed most about this novel was the abundant amount of vocabulary words Edward used so eloquently! The words are quirky and understandable. I think my favorite one to use now a days is Flummoxed! Let’s not even mention the use of the Cowboys! I’m a huge Cowboys fan so it was as if I was living in that time and space! (*Reviews Note: Cowboys may have not done well last season but they sure beat the Saints out of being undefeated! ;)). Another thing I loved was the play by play of the show he watches. All of them are like his favorite and there’s a moral catch behind every single one of them that gives us a slight insight on how Edward sees the world. Lancaster doesn’t just capture Edwards’s world eloquently, he also captivates the reader into belonging into his world and to have a better understanding of this disorder. This book will live for generations to come! I give this novel 5 out of 5 paws.

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