Thursday, December 10, 2009

Life After 187 by Wade J Halverson Review

Life After 187 by Wade J Halverson
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Pub. Date: August 4, 2009
Pages: 238
Age Level: Adult
Obtained: From author for review

**taken from back jacket**

Sentenced to life in prison when he executes the men who murdered his wife, Kane Silver is singled out by the warden for his fighting ability. Along with inmates Valentino Lopex and Si'Ling Lee. Kane is drafted into service and forced to fight for money in high-stakes tournaments. But when the three friends escape during a New Year's Eve match in Lake Tahow- saving the warden's life in the process- their situation becomes more complicated.

Their status undetermined, they vanish underground and sign on to help a young woman whose parents are being held by an Argentinean drug kingpin. Follow Kane and his friends as they compete and grow closer while rediscovering what it means to be free. From tale Tahoe and the western United States to Costa Ricka, Hong Kong, Buenos Aires and Thailand, Life After 187 takes readers on an exhilarating ride filled with big money, intense action, justice and the pursuit of honor.

My Thoughts:

This novel was a complete rollercoaster ride and I mean that in the most figurative way. A lot and I mean a lot happens in this novel. Sentences were very short, the descriptions were vague, and there was a lot of fluff between the chapters that I really didn’t care for. Although, there are a few things that the author did, I have to say, completely held my interest. I liked the fact that the characters got to travel to different parts of the world without getting caught. The novel is a complete with jam packed action. It's like they're in constant motion. The author shows he has an excellent and profound knowledge in the art of fighting, army life as well as how a prison works. There were other things that just didn’t make sense to me, like how could a Warden spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on bets? Do they really get that much money? Was he scamming people? Some of the things said and done in this novel kept making me fall into disbelief because it felt really increadulous. Despite that, the author’s characters were pretty kick ass. I give this novel 3 out of 5 paws.

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  1. I loved this book. I thought it was full of action, front to back and back again....

    Good review.

  2. I think this is on my TBR list, but I haven't seen too many reviews on it. Great review :)