Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Runt Farm: Under New Management by Amanda Lorenzo Review

Runt Farm: Under New Management by Amanda Lorenzo
Publisher: BooktiMookti
Pub. Date: August 15th, 2009
Pages: 80
Age Level: Childrens
Obtained: Publisher for Review

In this first book of the Runt Farm series, Farmer Brunt's truck zooms away forever. while tough-guy Kitten hides in the barn loft, delighted to have the place all to himself.
A day later Kitten meets The Peep, a hatchling duck with issues. Having imprinted upon and claimed Kitten as his parent, The Peep presents his paternal buddy with a surprise gift, revealing a hidden talent with reeds and weeds. When two highly intelligent lab mice, Cletus and Tooth, show up the duckling and cat welcome them into the barn. As the mice engage in vocabulary-building banter, the barn gains a herb-savvy kitchen and a workshop from which strange inventions emerge.

But living together isn't always a picnic. As the multi-species group learns to make room for their differences they become a family, proving that home is where you find it.

My Thoughts:

My nephews love for me to read to them, so when I got this novel for review I was very excited to share this with them! They were amazed with the different illustrations, as they were so detailed and beautiful and went along with the story so perfectly. The characters were so adorable and memorable, my youngest nephew now goes around mimicking the little baby chick in the book. I can not wait to start on book number two with them! If your looking for a book with amazing illustrations and a good moral storyline than this book is exactly what your looking for!

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  1. Aw, that sounds cute. I will have to get it for my little boy.

  2. My family has all 3 Runt Farm books now. The last one just came out in December. My clan loves the action and the classic Wind in the Willows look of these chapter books and everyone has their favorite character too. For me it's Beatrice, the slightly pugnacious bunny.

  3. Dear Leslie,

    Thanks for the review of Runt Farm books. We had a blast putting them together. I do hope you get to read Book 3 wherein Cousin Clovis, a mouse of unusual talent, escapes from NAARF and takes her place in the Runt Farm family. She's a dear.

    Hats off to That Chick That Reads!
    Amanda Lorenzo