Friday, January 8, 2010

Dreams of the Dead by Thomas Randall Review

Dreams of the Dead by Thomas Randal
Publisher: Bloomsberry USA Children’s Books
Pub. Date: September 29th, 2009
Pages: 304
Age Level: Young Adult
Obtained: Bought

Kara’s afraid to go to sleep—until the nightmares come when she’s awake . . . Sixteen-year-old Kara Foster is an outsider in Japan, but is doing her best to fit at the private school where her father is teaching English for the year. Fortunately she’s befriended by Sakura, a fellow outsider struggling to make sense of her sister’s unsolved murder some months ago. No one seems to care about the beautiful girl who was so brutally murdered, and the other students go on as if nothing has happened. Unfortunately, the calm doesn’t last for long. Kara begins to have nightmares, and soon other students in the school turn up dead, viciously attacked by someone . . . or something. Is Sakura getting back at those she thinks are responsible for her sister’s death? Or has her dead sister come back to take revenge for herself?

This first book in a frightening new trilogy will have teens glued the page and scared to go to sleep.

My Thoughts:

The waking is book one of the dreams of the dead series. It’s about a girl named Kara who moves to Japan with her father after her mother dies in a tragic car accident but then she befriends Sakura, a strange girl who recently lost her sister due to murder. Suddenly very strange thing start to happen in a course of dreams and Kara is forced to make the ultimate decision.

At first I couldn’t get into this novel. Don’t get me wrong, the writing was wonderful, the characters start of fascinating but I guess the big thing was the Japaneses names were a little difficult to pronounce so it was frustrating me a bit, but as the story continued, I found myself captivated into the academy’s life and the unsolved murder. Kara is such a strong willed person, she sees everything on the Brightside and I abs love the fact that the author is so precise about all the details of Japan. I could clearly see it through her eyes. Intreiging and entertaining this novel def makes the cut as the start to what could potentially and ultimately be an amazing series. I give this novel 4 out of 5 paws.

Comment Question of the blog:
If you could travel to Japan, what would you like to see and why? Lemme know in the comment section below.

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  1. This sounds awesome! I don't think the Japanese names will pose a problem for me. :-P
    If I could travel to Japan (and I'm going to do so soon), I would want to see EVERYTHING! but especially daibutsu, the big Buddha. Seems so cool! And Mount Fuji. And the Harajuku district of Tokyo. And the Miyazaki museum right outside of Tokyo. And all of the amazing temples. And did i mention just everything?

  2. I loved Dreams of the Dead! I'm so glad that you got into it. I hope you check out the next two books in the trilogy -- Spirits of the Noh comes out next.

    I've never been to Japan. I'd probably want to go see the spots mentioned in this book. They sounded so beautiful.

  3. This sounds like it is going to be a great book and I'm looking forward to getting a chance to read it. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the review.

    I would love to go to Japan and there are so many of the places there that I would like to see, both tourist and non tourist locations.


  4. are you not doing quote it sat anymore?
    if not, I'd like to take over.
    if you are, here's my link

  5. I really liked this book too!

    If I could go to Japan, I would actually want to see the Japanese videogame stores. I love videogames, and I've heard that in Japan they have amazing multi-level stores just for games. Yes, I'm a total nerd!