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Mia the Magnificent by Elieen Boggess Review

Mia the Magnificent by Elieen Boggess
Publisher: Bancroft Press
Pub. Date: January 4th, 2010
Pages: 161
Age Level: Young Adult
Obtained: Provided for Review

After one summer at the Little Tykes Theatre, Mia Fullerton is meek no more, but that doesn t make her life any easier not in her sophomore year at St. Hilary's, when her best friend Lisa forces her into a dangerously big part in The Music Man. Not when her ex-boyfriend, Tim, is teaching her little brother Chris to treat women like objects. And not when she learns to drive with serious repercussions. Who is Mia? Is she an independent girl like Zoë, her acerbic goth friend from Little Tykes? She d like to be that s why she's volunteering to be onstage for the first time, in a show populated by her first ex and childhood crush Jake, her arch-nemesis Cassie, and new girl in town Alyssa. That s why it's so important she overcome the bizarre driving instruction of St. Hilary's janitor Mr. Corrigan to earn her driver s license, and therefore her freedom. Or is she the girl who misses Tim, even after the way he betrayed her? Tim is smart, funny, and likeable in a distinctly obnoxious way, and he s determined to win Mia back even if he has a funny way of doing so, dating both Cassie and Alyssa at the same time, behind both their backs. Can Mia forgive Tim? Should she instead choose Eric, Zoe s cousin, a nicer and more respectful choice in every way? Or would either choice defeat her goals of independence? And when the worst-case scenarios rear their heads when Mia is forced into the lead in The Music Man, when her first night out on the road goes horribly, when Chris appears headed entirely to the dark side does Mia on her own have what it takes to set things right? Between dog costumes and stage costumes, big embarrassments and bigger chickens, bad singing and worse crashes, and everything else that could possibly go wrong, Mia the Magnificent is a hilarious, clever, and endlessly fun novel, and the best installment yet of the Mia Fullerton series.

My Thoughts:

This novel is so cute! It’s part of a series and told from Mia’s point of view. She’s a sophomore in high school who is barely coming out of her shell, so she auditions for the school play. While having to deal with obnoxious ex boyfriends, over protecting parents, and a set of awesome friends, we can totally see the extradonory transformation Mia makes from the beginning to the end of the book. Boggess does an excellent job delievering a very hilarious yet insipirt storym where young people, even adults such as myself, could walk away from it and learn something as powerful as the unity of friendship, the strength of family and the innocence of being in love. This novel made me laugh and totally empathize with Mia when needed. It is really an excellent novel as well as a must read! Can not wait until the next book comes out! I give it 4 out of 5 paws.

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  1. Sounds really cute. Great review.

  2. ^Agreed! It does sound like a fun book! ;)