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The Authorized Ender Companion by Jake Black Review

endersThe Authorized Ender Companion by Jake Black
Publisher: Tor Books
Pub. Date: November 10th, 2009
Pages: 432
Age Level: All Ages
Obtained: Received for Review

The Authorized Ender Companion is a complete and in-depth encyclopedia of all the persons, places, things and events in Orson Scott Card’s Ender Universe. Written by Jake Black under the editorial supervision of Card himself, The Authorized Ender Companion will be an invaluable resource for readers of the series.
If you ever wondered where Ender went after he left Earth, before he arrived at Lusitania, you’ll find the answer here. If you ever wondered how the battle room worked, you’ll find the answer here. If you forgot the names of the people were who discovered the descolada, the answer is here. The history of Gloriously Bright’s world? Here.
The Authorized Ender Companion contains all that and more. There are character biographies, time-lines, colony histories, and family trees.

My Thoughts:

I’m a fan of Orson Scott Card’s Ender series and was delighted to find this companion! I’m slowly re-reading the series and it’s opened up my eyes as well as refreshed my memory on some of the characters and events! The pictures that are included in The Technology of Ender’s Game, were very detailed and made the picture that was in my mind clear up. Black went into exclusive detail of every event, character, giving us a useful encyclopedia that needed to be created. This book provided a great insight to the Ender’s Game. If you are just beginning to read the series, this is definitely a must have! & If you have already read the series than you should def get your hands on a copy because the detail and insight will def blow your mind! This companion NEEDED to be written and thanks to Jake Black it has! I give this novel 4 out of 5 paws!

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Have you read the Ender Series? If so, which book is your favorite? Lemme know in the comment section below!

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  1. So far, I've read Ender's Game and Ender in Exile and have loved them both. The first book is definitely my favorite of the two.

  2. I loved the Ender series! I read the whole thing years ago, at my husband's suggestion. Card is a wonderful author. My 15-year old son has read Ender's game but not the rest of the series yet. I heard a rumor that they're making a movie of Ender's Game - that would be cool!

    Thanks for the review -


  3. I have yet to read any of these books, but I thin I will now. Great review!

  4. That might make reading some of the series easier b/c sometimes I forget what happened when. Thanks!