Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deadly Codes by JP O’Donnell Review

deadly Deadly Codes by JP O'Donnell
Publisher: iUniverse
Pub. Date: February 17th, 2009
Pages: 217
Age Level: Adult
Obtained: Received for Review

In the thriller, Deadly Codes, Daniel Cormac Gallagher, Jr., a Boston private eye, is hired to investigate the death of Jennifer Clark, tragically killed in a car bombing in her own driveway.

Gallagher has been commissioned by Jeanne Campbell, Jennifer's twin sister, to find a mysterious woman-Jennifer's secret lesbian lover who vanished immediately after the bombing. While the authorities continue to pursue their suspicions that the terrorist act may have been intended for Jennifer's husband, Bill, who holds a top-secret position in the counter-intelligence division of the National Security Agency, Jeanne reveals intricate details to Gallagher that intrigue him enough to take on the case. While Gallagher begins searching for the missing woman, he has no idea that a bounty has been placed on his own head-two hired gunmen are plotting to kill him. Gallagher's search takes him to Washington DC, where he discovers that the car bombing is only a backdrop to a complex, treasonous scheme to sell code-breaking formulas to a hostile enemy nation.

As the violent mystery unravels, Gallagher finds himself under deadly attack from two shocking but powerful forces-one he knows and another he never expects.

My Thoughts:

This novel has a load of twist and turns! It’s a mystery novel centered around Daniel Cromac, who is a Boston private eye. He is hired to investigate a car bombing that resulted in Jennifer’s death. He’s now married and had promised his wife that he would leave the private eye job to someone else, fearing for his safety and hers. But he decides to take the car bombing case anyway. A lot of the things that happen in this novel, I honestly did not see happening! Especially the ending! O’Donnell exceeds to presenting an awesome second book in this series. I didn’t get a chance to read the first one, but I found no difficulty connecting to the characters and rooting for them, although it would help if you read the first one but not completely necessary. That being said, this novel is a great one if you love mysteries and very wicked twist and turns. I give this novel 3.5 out of 5 paws.

3.5 pawsComment Question of the Blog:

If you had to choose between true love and making thousands of dollars, which one would you choose and why? Lemme know in the comment section below!

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  1. Liked your review. It sounds like a good read. I have this book sitting on my pile to tbr books...I should bump it to the top.
    Answer to your comment question: I would choose true love hands down. Money will come and go but true love is a far more important thing in life that will stay with you.

  2. This sounds like a fun book to read. I hadn't heard of it before so I might have to check it out. Great review :)

    A: True Love.
    "I don't care too much for money
    For money can't buy me love."