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The Cold Room by J.T. Ellison Review

thecoldroomThe Cold Room by JT Ellison   
Publisher:   Mira Books
Pub. Date:  March 1st, 2010  
Pages:   416 pages
Age Level: Thriller  
Obtained: Review

He can truly love her only once her heart stops.

Homicide detective Taylor Jackson thinks she's seen it all in Nashville—from the Southern Strangler to the Snow White Killer. But she's never seen anything as perverse as The Conductor. Once his victim is captured, he contains her in a glass coffin, slowly starving her to death. Only then does he give in to his attraction.

When he's finished, he creatively disposes of the body by reenacting scenes from famous paintings. And similar macabre works are being found in Europe. Taylor teams up with her fiancé, FBI profiler Dr. John Baldwin, and New Scotland Yard detective James "Memphis" Highsmythe, a haunted man who has eyes only for Taylor, to put an end to this horror.

Has the killer gone international with his craft? Or are there two "artists," competing to create the ultimate masterpiece?

My Thoughts:

This is the fourth novel in a series but I could honestly say that it could serve as a stand alone novel. I hadn’t read any of the previous novels but I still found it incredibly easy to read. It’s full of suspense and romance, which I found incredibly awesome! The story overall just gave me chills, from the first chapter, up until the end. Oh and not to mention nightmares haha but it’s one of those “I couldn’t stop thinking of the novel so I even dreamt about it” Anyway, so don’t hesitate to read this one! It’s definitely one of my favorite thrillers yet! I give it 4 out of 5 paws.

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  1. Sounds intriguing! I love thrillers like this...even though they do tend to give some creepy nightmares.

    Adding it to my wishlist, along with the rest of the series (although I think I may have the first one around here

    Jenni @ Falling Off The Shelf