Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Than Words Vol. 6 by Various Authors Review

morethanwords More Than Words Vol. 6 by Joan Johnston, Robyn Carr, Christina Skye, Rochelle Alers, Maureen Child   
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Pub. Date: April 1st, 2010  
Pages:  442
Age Level: Fiction  
Obtained: Review

Presenting…the sixth annual More Than Words anthology.

Little by little, one person at a time, we can make our world a better place. The five dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have done just that, by discovering a seed of compassion, and nurturing it to effect real change in their communities. To celebrate their accomplishments, five bestselling authors have honored the winners by writing short stories inspired by these real-life heroines.

We hope More Than Words inspires you to look into your heart and find the heroine who lives within

My Thoughts:

This novel is filled with stories filled with courageous, smart and very beautifully intellect woman. The characters were beautiful, the stories were soooo inspiring! I found myself cheering for each and every single one of them! It’s quite amazing how with these stories you can see the focus of family and strength. It honestly has filled me up with hope for the feature and I will really hope that we all can learn a thing or two from these women! I loved that I could get a glimpse of real-life women and feel incredibly grateful that I got to learn about the different foundations that they have formed! Overall I give this novel 4 out of 5 paws!

4_paws_thumb[1] Comment Question of the Blog:

If you could create a foundation for something, what would it be for? Lemme know in the comment section below!

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