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What’s in a Word by Webb B. Garrison Review

What’s in a Word by Webb B. Garrison Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press Pub. Date: June 12th, 2000 Pages: 248 Age Level: Non-Fiction Obtained: Received for Review

Here is a fascinating and humorous encyclopedia of more than three hundred words and phrases and how they have taken on new meanings over time. It is an informative reference book for the whole family. What's in a Word? is a sequel to Garrison's popular Why You Say It. Indexed.

My Thoughts:

This is actually one of my favorite books right now! It’s crazy how our language and way of saying things has changed so much over the years. For example: Lingerie back in day was just a type of linen that was made for dresses but women liked the feel of it on their skin, thus now it became attached to intimate wear! It’s honestly insightful and very interesting, especially when you skim through it instead of reading it cover to cover! This book takes the words that we know now and takes them back to their original origin. It's so interesting to find out just how different our language has turned just over a couple of centuries. The explanations are short and to the point, which is why it kept me so interested! They don't drag on and on telling you every single thing about the word but the most interesting thing. I mean it's a little outdated just because of the different terminology, like the word floppy disk (which I doubt many of us remember what those are anymore). If you like books about the meaning of things or just some cool facts and stuff, then you would def enjoy this book! I give it 3 out of 5 paws!

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