Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy Bees at Work and Play by M. Maitland Deland Review

busybees Busy Bees at Work and Play by M. Maitland Deland         
Publisher: Green Leaf Book Press  
Pub. Date: March 1st, 2010
Pages: 28 
Age Level: Children’s   
Obtained: Received for Review

Bambina Bee learns the importance of work and play on a tour of her town. As Mamma Bee heads out to work, Bambina Bee anxiously begs her to stay at home. To soothe her little bee's concerns, Mamma Bee takes Bambina Bee on a tour of the neighborhood that transforms the bustling world of work into a wonderland of joyful activity. The letter carrier, the plumber, and many other happy characters demonstrate for Bambina Bee that there's a time for work and a time for play - and both are filled with exciting adventures. The first in a series, this charmingly illustrated book will help parents explain to their kids that everyone has an important place in this world of busy bees.

My Thoughts:

I abs loved this book! I sat down one day and read it to my friends son and every time I turned the page, he would just jump because there’s so much color and the illustrations done by Lyn Martin were beautiful! The story line was very cute and funny. Every page has rhyming lines and it does help explain to little ones the importance of work and the difference of play in the world and how they intermingle. If you want something cute, original, with beautiful and I mean beautiful illustrations, then this book will do it! It’ll be one that’s read over and over at bedtime!

Comment Question of the Blog:

What’s important to you in a children’s book? Illustrations or the Storyline?

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