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Noah’s Castle by John Rowe Townsend

noah's castleNoah’s Castle by John Rowe Townsend 
Publisher:  Walker & Company
Pub. Date: October 22, 2010 
Pages: 224
Age Level: Young Adult    
Obtained: Review

What if money became worthless?

The coming winter was going to be a hard one and not because of the weather.

As England descends into economic chaos, sixteen-year-old Barry Mortimer's life turns upside down when his father moves the family from their cozy home in the city to a grim, brick mansion on the outskirts of town.

Why isn't anyone allowed to visit the Mortimers

My Thoughts:

This book was first publishing in 1975, so there are a couple of things that are outdated toward our young adult fiction. Overall I thought it was an excellent read. The only thing I couldn’t quite get passed was the father’s attitude, but if you think about it he was only really trying to think about his family and their future. It’s a real read and it makes you think about what you would possibly do in that extreme situation and although it’s a little dated, it still gives us the same effect as if it were written in todays time. I give this novel 3.5 out of 5 paws.

3_5paws_thumb1Comment Question of the blog:

What would you in an economic crisis? Lemme know in the comment section below!

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