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Succubus On Top (Georgina Kincaid #2) by Richelle Mead Review

succubusontopSuccubus On Top (Georgina Kincaid #2) by Richelle Mead
Publisher: Kennsington
Pub. Date: January 1st 2008
Pages: 314
Age Level: Adult    
Obtained: Bought for Nook 

Love hurts, and no one knows it better than Georgina Kincaid. If she so much as kisses Seth Mortensen, the shy, sexy, incredibly gifted Seattle writer she's been dating, she'll drain his life force. Georgina is a succubus-a demon who draws her power from other men's pleasure. Admittedly, the shape shifting and immortality perks are terrific, and yes, Georgina did choose to join the ranks of hell centuries ago. But it seems completely unfair that a she-demon whose purpose is seduction can't get hot and heavy with the one mortal who knows and accepts her for who she is.

It's not just her personal life that's in chaos. Doug, Georgina's co-worker at a local bookstore, has been exhibiting bizarre behavior, and Georgina suspects that something far more demonic than double espressos is at work. She could use help finding out, but Bastien, an irresistibly charming incubus and her best immortal friend, is preoccupied with corrupting an ultra-conservative talk radio star-and giving Georgina some highly distracting come-hither vibes. Georgina is going to have to work solo on this one-and fast because soon, Doug's life won't be the only one on the line.

My Thoughts: (Spoilers from book 1)

Ah Georgina is back! Bringing along with her sexy conquest, forbidden love & a whole new round of humorous banter. It sucks because she’s finally found her one true love and she can’t get hot and heavy with him because she’s afraid that she will suck a few years out of him or worse, kill him. But there’s something creepy that’s been going on in her mortal world & it’s affecting everyone she loves. It’s up to Georgina to find out what it is and save the day! Ah how I love this succubus. Mead makes her so humorous and so full of life. I’ve already read these books but had to get them on my nook and re-read them because they are just amazing! If you’re looking for a hot book to read, then look no further and engross in Georgina’s world. You won’t regret it! I give this book 3.5 out of 5 paws!

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