Friday, September 20, 2013

The relationship between Authors and Bloggers when they give negative reviews

I started this novel the other day and it started out ok and then toward the end of the book I was completely engrossed until this happened. I'm usually pretty anal about putting my books on Goodreads. I just like to remind myself what I have reviewed and what I hadn't. Well, I usually scroll down and look at what my Goodreads friends think about a certain novel that I'm reading. I just like to see where I am with other people. As I scrolled down I noticed this book on someone's bookshelf that was filled with authors that have bashed bloggers. This kid had screenshots of the tweets this author decided to write on twitter.

I seriously could not believe what I read! Right when I was beginning to like the book, I fell into a reading slump because of the terrible things this author had to say about bloggers. A lot of bloggers do not get paid to review books. They like sharing and enjoy talking to others about what they have read. Saying that bloggers are pretty much useless and unnecessary is a bold statement. The best way of advertising is by word of mouth and I admit, when people say they abs hated a book, I go and buy it just to see what the hype or hate is about. I tend to stay away from things like this because sometimes opinions like these from some of the authors you love can def hurt. I would hate to miss out on a great book because of someone's poor attitude. I won't come on here to say what author said such things, because I don't believe in bashing their opinion but I def won't forget.
The relationship between bloggers and authors can sometimes be very tense. Some readers will adore the book and rave and rave and continue to fan girl about a book on their blog and I'm sure authors love that. Then there are those bloggers who abs hated the book, despised it, and completely bash the author. In a sense, I can see where they are coming from. Hearing that someone hated your book that you spent hours, days, months, years, and so on can def hurt. It can lead to say things that only apply to that one person, but say it to include the rest of bloggers and that potentially can hurt good relationships with some loyal readers.
My question to you all is, do you find yourselves staying away from authors who have such opinions? Does it affect the review for their book(s)? I would love to hear your opinions. Lemme know in the comment section below.
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  1. Hi, I am both an author and a blogger. As an author, I know and fully understand that not everyone will LOVE my book as much as I do, because it's impossible to please everybody. And, as a blogger, I know that I'm not going to LOVE every book that gets handed to me by writers seeking reviews. But I try to be professional on my reviews, and I think writers should be, too. In answer to your question, if a writer expresses bad opinions about a blogger or review, then I must say that it may just influence my opinion on the writer, which may also impact whether or not I seek out their books.