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Review: Irresistible Lies by Juliette White

Irresistible LiesTitle: Irresistible Lies by Juliette White
Pages: 205
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services Inc (this is what was found on Amazon site)
Publishing Date: July 18th 2013
Audience: New Adult
Obtained: For free on Kindle App for Nook

When Grace’s boyfriend Jamie dumped her just days before their college graduation to follow his dreams, she quickly left town and carved out a new life for herself, eliminating all traces of the man who broke her heart. Well, all traces of him besides their son, whose existence she decided it was best to keep secret from her ex.

Years later, Jamie walks right back into Grace’s life, demanding answers for her unexplained disappearance and seeking a second chance. With everything dear to her on the line, Grace must find a way to resist the one man she never could...

My Thoughts:

Ok so if you've been following my blog, you know that I'm an avid Nook supporter. I had the Nook Color and have now upgraded to the Nook HD+ and that allows me to have a Kindle app. One day while browsing the app, I found this new adult book and was so intrigued. Better yet, it was free!

Guys let me begin by saying that I tried. I really did. It had a promising premise and I wanted to find out why Grace decided to hide her son from Jamie. Everything just felt sort of off. The beginning was extremely good. I waited with anticipation as I kept turning the pages. Then we get to the peak in the plot and it just goes downhill from there.

I just expected more of a reaction from everyone. It felt like their feelings were sort of muddled. Oh and not to mention Jamie. Now that he's a hot shot, he wants Grace to fall in love with him again. That kind of thinking really grinds my gears. It just made it seem like all women care about is fame and fortune. He was also sort of stalking her! I was outraged when I read that but I guess desperate calls for desperate measures right?

I did like Grace. You could clearly see the love she had for her son and just the sheer fact that she wouldn't let her boss (and then boyfriend) meet her son after working at that place for a long amount of time, shows what kind of mother she is. Her son was the cutest thing and I could not help but fall in love with his innocence and charisma.

The plot is fairly predictable. Overall though, it was a decent read. Not something I would read twice but I mostly enjoyed it. The only thing I wished this book had was more length and a better developed plot.

Comment Question of the Blog:

What would you do if you were in Grace's situation? Lemme know in the comment section below!
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